Friday, December 10, 2010

Exam 4 Questions continued

Chapter 13

1. Which is not an image destroying activity?
a. discrimination
b. Outplacement Programs
c. Pollution

2. What helps when creating a positive image?
 Cause-related marketing, Green marketing, and Pro-environment activities

Chapter 14

1. Which is not a Regulatory Agenicies?
a. FTC
b. FDA
c. FFA

2. List the actions of the FTC.
Consent order, Cease and desist order, Full Commission

Chapter 15

1. Which is not a Copytesting Method?
a. Theater Review
b. Portfolio test
c. Mall Intercept

2. Name the three farctors that influence recall test scores.
Attitued towards advertising, Prominence of brand name, Respondent's Age

Exam 4 Question

Chapter 10

1.Which is not a type of alternative media venue?
a. cinema
b. parking lot
c. newspaper

2. True or false: Guerilla Marketing involve interacting ith consumers.
true faue

Chapter 11

1. The program used to develop a profile of the company's best customers is:
A.  Data mining
B.  Hamsters
C.  Google
D.  Data warehousing
2. A program in which promotional information is only sent to consumers who give the company permission to do so is called:
a. Permission Marketing
b. Trawling
c. Loyalty Marketing
d. Direct Marketing
Chapter 12
1.  List 3 Consumer Promotions.
Coupons, Premiums, sampling
2. This is defined as a prive reduction offer,
a. Premiums
b. Sampling
c. Coupons

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Five Promotional Sales

After visiting the local Shnucks, I found five different types of sales. One that stuck out to me the most was the ten for ten deal. There are many things that fall in the ten for ten sales, for example, yogurt. This is a great deal and i feel like its hard for anyone to pass up, because in thise deal it prices all items at just a dollar which almost seems like nothing.

Another promotion that was being used alot of 2 liter pop being sold for Buy one get one free. I feel like this is a good buy because if you were having some sort of a social event you have the oportunity to get twice as much pop as you would normally get.

Another thing I saw quite a bit was the little machines that have coupons sticking out when you walk down the aisles. I think this is a good tool to have because it shows customers somthing that they might have missed on their way to the store and spark up more potential sales just because an particular item which is right in front of them is on sale.

Another thing i saw was sales tables and bins put outside of most of the aisles. This i feel like is a way to break a shopper up from their everyday shopping trip and as they are going about the store. I myself am a sucker for deals as i feel many other people are too so this is a good factor to have to break up normal routine to try to sucker people in.

Finaly another type of promotional sale which i saw was a stack of coupons at the end of the checkout lanes. This gave customers a last chance to snag some coupons before they check out. I thought this was a nice thing to do for customers before they leave the store.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exam 3 Test Questionss

Chapter 7-

1.) Claim of superiority based on a product's specific attribute or benefit describes which of the following  Cognitive message strategies?
a.Generic message
b.preemptive message
c.unique selling propositions

2.) Name the three types of message strategies creatives can use?

Chapter 8-

1.) What is a media strategy?

2.) Describe the role of media buyer in an advertising program.

Chapter 9-

1.)Who is the person who manages a firm's Web Site?

b.e-active marketing
c.interactive marketing

2.) What is cyberbait?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Media Diary

Tuesday, Oct 26
Today I woke up with TNT on my television, after a few minutes of the television program a herbal essence commercial came on. I didn't pay to much attention to it, it more so made me want to take a shower. I then turned on my computer and got on facebook. I tried to actually see what kinds of ads were on facebook and didn't even realize how many there were. I saw many ads advertising different things like clothing and shoes and stuff. I also realized how many ads popped up. I wouldn't say that these ads are that affective for me because I dont pay much if any attention to them at all. I more so think that they are a distraction and get in the way when I am trying to do things on the computer. Through out the day i probably spent a total of 30 mins in my car, and the radio was on the whole time. I feel that this is the best way for me to listen, hear and remember the ads that come my way. I always sing along to the radio so I love when there are commercials that have catchy tunes that I can remember, and i more than likely will be caught singing them throughout the day.

Tuesday I didnt have class and i spend most my time at work so I don't get much time to spend seeing advertisements. But when i got off work at 4 I walked to my only class and saw alot of chalking around school on the sidewalks. I think that this is a great way for the school organizations to advertise but not  so much of a global thing.

On Wednesday I had class from 8 to noon so my whole morning i wasnt really exposed to many advertising. The most I saw were posters, fliers, and chalking around school. I dont really pay attention to them, because i still  feel that they get in the way for me going on the way to class and stuff.

After class i had an hour between school and work and I once again didn't have time to see many advertisements. After work I went to the rec and came home to do homework. So throughout the day i wasn't really exposed.

For me and I think many students advertisements are something that collage students and many people almost don't have time for. I feel that for many of us it gets in the way of our daily lives. Although i feel this way i just feel that collage students aren't a main real-in when coming to many things except food, clothes, and booze.

For me the best way to get through me in an advertisement is defiantly radio. This is something that I actually have time to listen to during a hectic day. A catchy tune will always catch my ear and I feel that it really grasps a persons attention and can maintain their attention throughout the day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exam 2 Test Questions

Chapter Four-

1.)                                    ,  declines in advertising effectiveness that occur when an ad or marketing communication becomes "old"  or "boring".

a. carryover effects
b. wear-out effects
c. decay effects
d. threshold effects

2.) Describe the NAICS approach to business market segmentation.

Chapter Five-

1.)                                is an outline of key ideas that the advertising program is supposed to convey.

a. leverage point
b. appeal
c. message theme
d. general preplanning input

2.) What steps should be taken in selecting an advertising agency?

Chapter Six-

1.)  An advertisement approach in which the message contains a reasoning or mental process to lead the consumer to a desired end state, such as a key personal value, is known as,                                        .

a. means-end chain
b. visual Esperanto
c. tagline
d. advertising appeals

2.) How are the three components of attitudes related to the hierarchy of effects model?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marie Claire (Oct. 2010 issue)

1.) Colgate Total
The main selling point of this ad is to sell a toothpaste that will give you a clean mouth in minuets. The ad shows 2 blacklight photos of a mouth, one using ordinary toothpaste and one using colgate. The one on the left displays a dirty mouth, using ordinary brands, and the one on the left shows a clean mouth. I feel like anyone seeing this ad would deffinently think twice when buying their next tube of paste.

2.) Gucci- "Gulity" perfume
The main selling point in this ad is to sell a perfume that will make a woman feel sexy in their own skin. The ad uses lust to sell the product showing a man very intensly kissing a womans neck. The ad is targeted to young adult woman to more mature woman who want to feel just as beautiful if not more than the woman displayed in the ad.

3.) Chanel- Mascara
The main selling point of this ad is to sell a mascara that will make any woman be confident that they are wearing the best mascara possible that shows lashes without clumps. The ad has a picture close up of a womans eyes, displaying beautiful eyes with intense long clump free flawless lashes. The ad does a great job at promoting a great product.

4.) Guess-Clothing
The main selling poin of this ad is to show off a brand in its whole, and showing how they would like to be perseaved. The ad is very timeless using a black and white photo of a woman carring lugage off of a plane with a man following behind her. The ad looks very old hollywood glam and does a great job at showing off clothing that is good for anyone who wants to look timeless, luxurous, and glamourous.

5.) H&M- clothing
The main selling point of this ad is to show off a brand that has great expensive looking clothing that is sold at an affordable price. The ad displays a woman dressed in nice attire with an all white background, leaving no room for distraction. The woman looks very well put together in expensive looking clothing, and has a price to the left of her that displays; "dress $29.92" which shows that almost anyone can achieve this great look with out dropping hundreds of dollars.

6.) Maybelline New York- Dream Smooth Mousse
The main selling point of this ad is to sell a product that will leave you with flawless skin. The ad displays a woman looking as if she has no make-up on, but her skin looks so smooth and silky that any woman would want to have skin the same way. The ad does a great job at showing off their product while achieving a look every womans wants.

7.) Michael Kors- Clothing
The main selling point of this ad is to sell clothing to people of a more youthful age who want too look put together and fun at the same time. The ad shows a picture of a younger couple at the park the woman on a bike and the man standing, the two are very in to eachother as they share a kiss and look good at the same time in clothing that is simple and amazing. The ad captures the fact that many people do want to look like this while also achieving a good relationship.

8.) Crate & Barrel
This ads main selling point is to sell a simple and elegant chair. The ad has the chair placed in the middle of the page with an all white background leaving no room for distraction and getting straight to the point of what is being sold. The ad is wonderful and shows off a great peice of furnature.

9.) Dolce & Gabbana -Purfume
The main point of this ad is to sell a purfume to woman who want to feel beautiful. The ad shows a woman looking very timeless, which promotes the product to all woman and she is laying on a bed looking very beautiful. The ad does a great job at creating a wonderfull picture which every woman would love to look and feel like as well, when thinking about their next purfume options.

10.) Target
The main selling point of this ad is to be able to get an affordable good looking wardrobe. The ad shows a woman with a dog on a bus, the woman has on an expensive looking coat with an awesome purse. At the top of the ad reads; "expect more, pay less" showing that anyone can look good with out dropping a ton of money.